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The Center on Policy Initiatives is a research and action institute dedicated to creating economic prosperity, sustainable communities and a healthy environment for all. CPI serves a unique role in the San Diego region providing the analysis, policy solutions, education and alliances that advance social and economic justice.

Happening at CPI

SEJ Week 1

Coming into Students of Economic Justice fellowship I expected to gain experience with organizing, yet they have provided more than I could have ever imagined. In the first week I received an opportunity to engage myself in the history and lineage of not only unions but the  ever-changing labor movement as the development of workers rights have evolved overtime. This is critical to note as we are currently celebrating the achievement of proposition I passing in June of 2016; Raising the minimum wage for workers right here in San Diego. We learned about non-profit organizations in particular 501 (c) 3’s and how they operate and there capacity to create change. We took a look into the economical landscape of San Diego; Although I have lived in San Diego for 17 years and have never had the opportunity to look at San Diego in such depth and analysis that can envision a future for San Diego that functions at maximum efficiency while cultivating a population that can self sustain. As the world continues to place what seems like obstacles in to  our lives as I reflect I have noticed they have really been stepping stones to our success. Listening to the fellows speak of life experiences that got us to this point I noticed we share a similar resilience that shines though much of our obstruct light.  The SEJ 2016 fellowship has begin to take shape molding new avenues and networks for social justice to make crater like impacts as we take on the institutionalize establishment that amplifies this economic warfare with our youth baring the burden of society that perpetuates the inequality and poverty that exist at such magnitudes for people of color…But we do not stand alone in our fight for what is right!

Minimum Wage Impacts

Documented Impacts of Minimum Wage Increases on Job Growth, Business Health, Consumer Prices, and Family Spending An overview of the U.S. experience, with new findings from San Diego County   June 2016 Peter Brownell, PhD   Introduction and Summary DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE As the cost of living varies from place to place and increases over time, many states and cities have set minimum wages above the federal level and raised them repeatedly. In just the 15 years from 2000 through 2014, the federal minimum wage rose three times and 30 states raised their own wage floors an average of five times each to various levels above the federal wage.[1] In addition, at least nine cities and counties enacted higher local minimum wages during the same time period, with many more following suit or considering proposals to do so since 2014. [2]The minimum wage was first put in place by the U.S. federal government in 1938. It is one of our nation’s most tried and tested policies for improving the lives of the working poor and supporting economic growth through consumer spending. Continue reading

Impacts of Proposition I on San Diego Workers

Impacts of Proposition I on San Diego Workers Cost of Living and Who will Benefit from the Minimum Wage & Earned Sick Days Policy  Proposition I is an initiative on the June 7, 2016, ballot in the City of San Diego that would raise the minimum wage for all jobs in the city to $11.50 in two steps. If Proposition I passes, the city minimum wage will be set at $10.50 right away, and will rise to $11.50 on January 1, 2017. Starting in 2019, it will increase with inflation each year. The measure also gives all workers in the city the right to earn up to five paid sick days per year, two more than are now provided by state legislation. The Minimum Wage and Earned Sick Days policy was passed in 2014 by the San Diego City Council, to provide relief for more than 170,000 people who work for wages too low to make ends meet in high-cost San Diego. The policy was to take effect in 2015, but was stalled by a petition drive that placed it on the June 7 ballot. Continue reading


  Vote YES on Prop I  Vote NO on Prop H Scroll down to read the ballot statements in favor of Prop I and against Prop H   Continue reading

How have San Diego jobs and businesses fared through recent California minimum wage increases?

May 2016 The number of jobs in San Diego County has risen steadily in the past five years, continuing a healthy upward climb through two minimum wage increases. Data from the California Employment Development Department shows that the total number of nonfarm jobs in San Diego County rose continually between early 2012 and March 2016, on a trajectory that didn’t change when the California minimum wage increased from $8 to $9 in July 2014 and again to $10 in January 2016. San Diego County employers have hired an additional 75,800 workers since the state minimum wage rose to $9 in 2014.    Continue reading