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With us… And against us

San Diego City Beat While Councilmember Chris Ward works for equal pay, congressional reps duck the people With us…  There were many lessons to take away from the San Diego Women’s March back in January. These lessons were not lost on City Councilmember Chris Ward (District 3), who last week formally announced a proposal for a San Diego Equal Pay Ordinance. The ordinance, if passed, would require that any contractor with a city contract certify that they are providing equal pay based on gender and ethnicity. What’s more, it will better protect workers and whistleblowers who wish to discuss pay without

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BREAKING NEWS: County walks away from bargaining

On Feb. 16, your negotiating team sat down with the County negotiating team ready to begin bargaining alongside our community partners in the Invest in San Diego Families coalition. Our partners represent the community and the clients we serve. They have expertise in smart justice, the safety ladder and good jobs and most importantly, they have come together with our membership to speak with a united voice about the County’s responsibility to deliver quality services provided by top employees with good jobs and appropriate staffing levels. The County negotiating team unlawfully refused to negotiate with the SEIU bargaining team because

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