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San Diego County poverty rates dropped in 2016, but inequity persists

In the City of San Diego, the poverty rate fell in 2016 to 13.1%, a drop of 2.5 percentage points from the previous year and the lowest rate since pre-recession 2007. The child poverty rate also fell from 19.7% in 2015 to 15.5%, roughly the same as the pre-recession rate. In San Diego County, across all cities and unincorporated areas, the poverty rate dropped more modestly from 13.8% to 12.3% in 2016. Almost 46,000 fewer individuals lived in poverty than during the previous year. Despite the overall improvement in poverty rates, stark inequities persist. Poverty increased among Black and Asian

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Petition: Tell the Mayor (Raise-up San Diego)

Tell the Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, to act now to ensure San Diego workers collect their hard-earned pay We the undersigned urge the mayor to protect San Diego workers and law-abiding employers by actively enforcing the earned sick days and minimum wage law. The City must: work with community partners to inform workers of their rights to file claims do the due diligence to protect workers who file complaints from retaliation by their employer instigate investigations in industries where wage theft is rampant Employers that fail to pay the minimum wage rob workers in California of an estimated

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SOJ Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Epps-Addison

Jennifer Epps-Addison, Network President and Co-Executive Director of The Center for Popular Democracy and CPD Action Before joining CPD, Epps-Addison was the Chief Program Officer for the Liberty Hill Foundation in Los Angeles, which funds grassroots community organizing campaigns for social justice. A native of Milwaukee, Epps-Addison helped coordinate the Fight for $15 campaign as Executive Director of Wisconsin Jobs Now. She earned her BA in Political Science and Women’s Studies and her JD from the University of Wisconsin, and worked as a trial attorney in the State Public Defender’s Office. As Network President of The Center for Popular Democracy

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