Community Budget Alliance



The Community Budget Alliance is a coalition of local organizations and community members who believe the City budget should be a people’s budget and that public resources should be spent equitably.

We believe the budget should reflect community needsour City should be transparent about how it spends public dollars, and community should have a say in the distribution of public resources.  

We are standing up for equitable public investment that will increase community wealth, health and justice for all, especially for communities of color. We believe that the city can and must simultaneously provide vital services and programs, invest in high quality infrastructure and use public dollars to support good jobs.

By building power locally, we can strengthen our cities and determine our futures. #OurCityOurVision #WeMakeThisCity




BUDGET ADVOCACY: We begin each year by developing our budget priorities, and advocate year-round through lobby visits, budget hearings, and more. 



    BUDGET EDUCATION: We provide opportunities for community members to learn about the budget–how money is collected, spent and              how decisions are made.



COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: The budget affects the daily life of every resident in San Diego. We hope that by providing opportunities to get involved, we can encourage people to get involved in whatever way they can. 


On June 20, communities around the country joined with labor, faith, environmental justice, and community partners to put forward a vision of cities built on justice and shared prosperity. Click here to see photos from our event “Our City! Our Vision! Read more about the nationwide campaign at  #OurCityOurVision #WeMakeThisCity



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