Invest in San Diego Families is a coalition of community groups challenging San Diego County to invest in people, services, and policies to improve the well-being of the County’s diverse communities and stimulate the local economy. The coalition addresses issues such as criminal justice reform, mental health services, homelessness, workplace safety, and livable wages and benefits. In 2017, ISDF is demanding the County Board of Supervisors commit to funding a Safety Ladder of programs that help people climb out of poverty, moving from an ineffective punitive system to a Smart Justice system, and making sure County jobs are Good Jobs with competitive salaries and benefits. CPI regularly leads efforts to communicate the ISDF campaign work to the public.


Raise Up San Diego is a broad community coalition fighting for economic justice. CPI is an active member and lead convener of the coalition. Raise Up organizes and supports working people who want to speak up for fair wages, safe working conditions, safety net services, and accessible and affordable housing and transit. The coalition was a major force in the successful passage of a San Diego minimum wage increase, which took effect in July 2016 and rose to $11.50 per hour in January 2017. It works alongside the Fight for 15 movement for livable wages and collective bargaining rights for fast-food workers. Visit for more details


The Community Budget Alliance is a coalition of local organizations that seeks to change the way the City of San Diego makes budgetary decisions, so that the budget is more equitable for low-income neighborhoods that have been historically neglected. The coalition focuses on advocating for infrastructure funding and policy changes that improve the quality of life of individuals, families, and communities. One aim is to increase effective and coordinated public participation in the city budget process by training community leaders in budgetary methods and developing budget proposals that reflect community priorities. CPI spearheaded creation of the alliance in 2012.


Partnership for Progress (P4P) is dedicated to strengthening the San Diego not-for-profit community to improve the region’s civic and economic inclusion of most vulnerable residents. The partnership unifies not-for-profit organizations with businesses, community associations, labor unions, and local academic institutions. CPI wrote the original proposal to create the partnership and has been an active partner since its inception. Areas of focus include organizations working with people impacted by the criminal justice system, immigrants, and low-wage workers.


Engage San Diego is a nonprofit network focused on nonpartisan civic engagement. Beginning in 2010, San Diego area leaders in civil rights, social justice, health, and
environmental organizations have worked together to focus our collective expertise on elevating voter participation among diverse constituencies. The vision of Engage San Diego is a regional electorate and leadership reflective of the people who live and work here. Among the strategies for increasing voter engagement are community leadership development, organizing, policy advocacy, and building a culture of voting. CPI has played a lead role in developing and testing electoral engagement tools such as billboards and gas station signage, digital engagement for voter turn-out, and student voter registration and engagement programs at UCSD and SDSU.


ACCORD (A Community Coalition for Responsible Development) is an alliance of community, labor, and faith organizations. ACCORD successfully negotiated San Diego’s first Community Benefits Agreement in 2005, which required developers of Ballpark Village downtown to fund affordable housing and other community benefits such as local hiring, construction job training for local residents, environmental building standards, and commitments the permanent jobs at the development will pay living wages. The alliance continues to work with the developers to ensure the agreement is implemented.