Petition: Tell the Mayor (Raise-up San Diego)

Tell the Mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer, to act now to ensure San Diego workers collect their hard-earned pay

We the undersigned urge the mayor to protect San Diego workers and law-abiding employers by actively enforcing the earned sick days and minimum wage law. The City must:

  • work with community partners to inform workers of their rights to file claims
  • do the due diligence to protect workers who file complaints from retaliation by their employer
  • instigate investigations in industries where wage theft is rampant

Employers that fail to pay the minimum wage rob workers in California of an estimated $2 billion a year. Failure to pay the minimum wage occurred an estimated 40,000 times in San Diego and Imperial counties last year, yet only 82 workers filed minimum-wage claims with the State Labor Commissioner. Many workers surveyed in a recent study on wage theft said that lack of knowledge about their rights and the complaint process was a main obstacle to filing a wage theft complaint. However, the most common barrier to filing a complaint was fear of retaliation at work.

Please sign this petition to add your voice and urge the Mayor to protect hard working San Diegans.